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  1. Bryan & Joni

    Enjoyed a great evening at the Heritage Grill in New Westminster listening to the awesome band Total Rewind.  The dance floor was rockin to the music!  What a talented band!  Look forward to seeing them again.

  2. Arline

    An absolutely fabulous show last at the artful dodger Rev… you and the group totally rock … thank you so very much ?

  3. What a great job you guys did at BC Big Rig Weekend. You kept them rocking from start to finish. Rev you have an amazing voice and your stage presence shows how much you love your music. Ian your harmonies, solos and work on the drums was terrific. Zane and Rob you guys rock! The crowd loved you guys and your music. Please come back again next year. Your gig in Mexico in March sounds like a great party. Hope to see you there.

    John & Donna White
    Pro-Trucker Magazine

  4. Ian, Rev & the Band were amazing to have at TRUXPO 2016! We had a curtain side trailer donated, and they were more than happy to play in this confined space to our audience. 

    They kept the crowd interested, and many visitors to the Trade Show were sure to stop and check out a few songs by Total Rewind! They were professional, quick in responding to you, and excellent performers. 

    I would recommend Total Rewind for any event! 



    Marketing & Operations Manager
    Master Promotions Ltd. 

  5. Jamie

    Total Rewind plays with us at Comox Long Bar in Vancouver regularily.  I have to say, they ROCK!  Always lively and the crowd loves them.  They are also a very professional band and always welcome at Comox. Thank you guys.

  6. Julie

    I'd follow this band anywhere, in fact, I do! You guys really know how to cook!! I came to see you guys play at The Comox Long Bar & Grill on Feb. 20th, you all ROCKED the joint!! Zane, you amaze me with your guitar playing! Steve, you're the most talented bass player I've EVER heard!! Rev, WOW, you've sure got a GREAT set of pipes on you!! And Ian… are an incredible drummer…….and I have a serious crush on you!!  KEEP ROCKIN'!!!!!! 

  7. November 20, 2015 FVYS 1st Annual Hero's Gala

    Thank you so much for the great dance music!  The dance floor was crowded and people said over and over again what a great band you were.  Love, love, love Total Rewind and we will definitely have you back again for future events.  Thanks again, you were all great!!!

  8. Karen


    Thoroughly enjoyed the night on Saturday at the Dodger.  First time listening to you but it won't be the last.  Look forward to having you all back in Langley again.



  9. arline

    Fantastic music last night at the artful dodger …we had a fabulous time listening you 😉 you guys Rock (literally) lol thanks for a very entertaining evening .. we will be telling all our friends to look for your next venue 😉

  10. Jo - Ann

    Just want to thank Rev and the guys  for an awesome Halloween night! Your professionalism, stage presence is wonderful. Looking forward to booking you in the new year!

  11. Irene Zanardo

    I just wanted to thank the Total Rewind Band for the AWESOME job this past weekend at my husbands 50th birthday party…..I had sooooo many positive comments of how terrific you were and how everyone enjoyed the entertainment. Hats off to all of you….I'm sure everyone at the party would agree….you really know how to get a crowd dancing and how to Rock the Party…..a night we will forever remember….thx being part of it!! Cheers!

    Irene and Bill








  12. Spencer

    I watched Total Rewind at the Hard Rock Casino.What a great performance by the band,great selection of song choice "ROCKED the HOUSE".You guys had an awesome performance,good wardrobe ,looked fantastic and sounded exceptional.If I was one of the judges I would have definately placed you on the winning podium.I am a fan and will be watching you guys again and again.Thanks for a night out with funfilled entertainment.

  13. Bobby G

    Saw the band at Hard Rock Casino and they rocked the place. Hope to see you all again soon. Keep that Rock and Roll alive Brothers and Sisters.   F…ing Awsome

  14. CIndy

    Watched this band play at the Hard Rock Casino last Thursday night, WOW what a performance!!!Very talented group, love their energy & style of music. Would love to see them again soon and definitely recommend them for any event.  Thanks for the awsome night!!

  15. Susette

    Had a great time watching you at the Hard Rock Casino last week!  You were awesome, entertaining and you rocked it! Thanks for making my night!  I could have danced all night long.

  16. Kathy

    Saw you at the Artful Dodger (and will again in Nov.) Rev, you are the whole package! Great voice, fabulous stage presence and a whole lot of fun! I appreciate the respect between the players. You guys made it fun to get up and dance. Thank you.

  17. Sheri

    You guys ROCKED IT last night!!! I don't think there was a song you played where the dance floor was left lonely. Thanks for the great music and I look forward to hearing you again!

  18. Lisa

    Saw you guys play at Triple Play Pub on October 17th!  WOW!!  What an awesome sound you have!  You played a great selection of music that made me actually get up and dance!  A few times I thought you were the radio you sounded SO GREAT!!!  I will totally be coming to more gigs because I just had such a blast listening to you & feeling your energy!!  Awesome tunes, awesome people!!  Rock & Roll!

  19. Lorelei

    Saw Total Rewind for the first time at Triple Play in the Wack. You guys Rocked the house. Had an awesome time. We will be coming to more gigs!!!!
    Rev you sure have some pipes!. Thanks for the great time….Anyone reading this…go see them they are AWESOME…I would love to hear you do some Carol Pope!

  20. Irene

    Aug 9,2014

    This was my first time out listening to the band…… Total Rewind– Totaly Rocked Out the place…..I grew up in the 80's & it was just awesome to dance & sing along!! They will see me back in the crowd in other gigs!! I would HIGHLY recommend them for ANY venue!! 

  21. Rev

    Here's what some people are saying, I took these off my facebook page:

    Deanna – thanks you guys sound great had a great time cant wait to do it again i'll b following ya as much as I can.

    Demetrius  – That's what's up!

    Brenda – bringing my cheerleader pom poms next time.

    Marina – "You're the only one"

    Laura –You guys kicked ass

    Irene- What a fun night out last night….. Dancing & Rocking it up with Rev Ster & her band "Total Rewind"–awesome performance !!

    LoreleiHad an awesome night..Total Rewind ROCK!!!….

    Jessica- Rev!! You frickin' killed it last night!! I'm so sorry we had to leave early! You are a true rock star!!

  22. sandi

    I heard Rev sing for the first time, professionally last time. We thought you were all great. Love the style of music your band plays and sings. Can't wait to come back to Fort Langley again, Or maybe to another venue!!!  Steve and Sandi

  23. Brenda (1/2 pint)

    Love the upbeat "get up and dance" style to this band, not too loud, easy to sing along to, fun feel to the night. Couldnt stay in my seat 🙂

  24. Blackkat

    Hey Lyall,

    Im your number one fan!!!!

  25. Brenda

    Hey saw you all at the Fort Pub for you first gig, enjoyed myself.  Have heard Rev sing many times before this night.  Guys learn her songs cause she can really get people going with her style and excitement of singing the songs she knows well. 


    Always a fan…….Brenda…..xoxo

  26. Thanks for the feedback… In the months to come the band will be learning lots of new songs R&B dance tunes as well as The Commitments tunes all dancing and good partry tunes we pride ourselves as a band on that fact… more to come Thanks!

  27. Tammy

    I'd like to hear the band do "8675309" 

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